Why Leave A Peaceful Culture

Why, Why, Why???  I get it! Why would you leave a culture that is so close knit, family oriented and do everything together? I’ll explain, but first I want to say….

…As I write my very first Blog post I want you to know that I’m not a professional writer, in fact my younger sister is much better with grammar than myself and we both had 8th grade education, and I am fine with that. :]  I refuse to let my lack of education stop me from writing and accomplishing my goals and dreams. There’s more out there for me, for you, and for all of us, too many times we let our mind limit our ability to accomplish our dreams, and i keep telling myself if I was able to leave my culture and everything i knew behind for my conscience sake than I can do anything I put my mind to.

Even though I was born and raised in one of the strictest Amish communities in Tennessee and KY. Believing that is the only way to live a good life honorable to God , at the age of 23 my husband and I started receiving revelations one after another and it let us to leave the culture. I get questions all the time, ‘what made you leave?  Like ……. everyone thinks it might just be the best life you could ever have on earth being a part of the Amish.  Well I will tell you the good, the bad, the ugly, the ins and outs of how it was growing up and making the hardest decision of my life leaving my loved ones behind and accepting to be shunned for the rest of my life.

Well, I may not tell you EVERYTHING in my blog posts because that’s why I’m writing my 2nd. book starting this year.  But i will explain some reasons why I’ve never been able to be satisfied where i was at in my life and still strive to better myself daily even though my husband says he doesn’t see why i keep reading books and listening to inspirational podcasts and videos if i don’t change my actions, Well I’ve come a long way, [we both have] but we see things a bit differently at times and i say at least i’m trying to become a better human and one of these days i shall not criticize him anymore, and we shall live happily ever after. :]    As if that exists, right!?  One thing i can do is being ok with letting him do things the way he wants to do them and the decision he makes without asking me is up to him, He makes great choices in business and is doing great supporting us financially.   I’m proud of how far we have both come since we left the Amish, and i’ll be honest….it’s been a hard road overcoming the mindset of what you were taught your whole life and choosing to walk away from it with an 8th. grade education, being shunned and loosing your family.                   We left because we no longer were able to agree that it was biblical with how they use the shunning on someone who leaves the church and is still living a God fearing life, which you can read about in my first book “Behind Closed Doors” by Dena Schrock

Culture Shock

As we made the transition to the English culture [what we called it] it was rather difficult to jump into the unfamiliar so we took our grande time and it took me a good year after being shunned to go get my drivers license since i didn’t want to be seen by any family members driving a car, fear of man was a stronghold in my life that i am so grateful to be free from to this day, about a year and a half after the shunning i was able to remove my head covering which i will explain in my book #2.        About 10 years after my husband and I left the Amish I went through depression and didn’t know if things will ever get better as our faith was challenged and my husband and i began loosing each other during the time, and we chose to live a life of not going to church, having bonfire/drinking parties.                                              Since that experience I really believe in the saying that you become who you surround yourself with.      We saved our marriage by making changes and having boundaries, also building trust for each other took some time but i’m so grateful we are still together and now thriving in life as a family.  Is it still hard to not be involved with the amish family? Yes, after having left about 16 years i still miss them occasionally as part of blood family but I love to have the freedom to choose my path and see my children having choices of their own.

We learn things almost everyday as our children are growing up in a different world then we did and are surrounded by public school environment and the oldest making progress to go to college next year which is the great unknown for us but we believe shes very capable and ready to pursue her career.    My husband has his own trucking company and I’m the founder of “Voices Of Hope” doing yearly women’s conferences and a stay at home momma who works from her phone or computer from anywhere in the U.S, while helping others do the same.   Any questions? I’d be happy to answer.

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  1. Greg Keoppel

    Hi Dena, this is Greg & Beth Keoppel from Smicksburg, Pa. Amish old order driver. Headed tomorrow with a 15 passenger load to a new settlement near Port Allegheny called Turtle Point, Pa.

    We chated a few monthes ago on private messaging on Facebook if you remember.

    God bless, all for King Jesus, all the Keoppels

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