I'm Dena,

Mom, Wife, Author, Passionate

Entrepreneur, Visionary,

I am the wife to Joe Schrock since April 2000. I am a mom to 4 amazing children who are quickly growing to adults and they are my biggest priority in life is to be here for them as they grow.

Lizzie Ann is a senior in high school, Emma Jane a Sophomore, Joshua Daniel a Freshmen and Caleb Aaron in 6th. Grade.

~ Why I Wrote My First Book ~

 Behind Closed Doors came about as people kept asking me many questions what it was like to grow up in the strictest order of the Amish culture and I decided the best way to answer is to write a book and explain in detail what happened behind closed doors that most people tend to think as a heaven on earth. But Not So Much….

After I got married and the whole church turning against my husband and I for voicing our convictions we faced a devastating shunning that I never wanted in my life but God had plans for us that we had no idea at the moment.       

Learn More About the Amish…..

The Start In Business

At the beginning of 2015 I started my own home business. It has allowed me to be here for my children while bringing in financial support to pay for sports activities, groceries, braces for Emmas teeth, and I am now working towards mortgage payments, time freedom for my husband and family.

As a mom this business opportunity means everything to me because it allows me to thrive with my children and help others do the same.

I had the opportunity to take the health and wealth of my family to a new level as I decided to take a leap of faith and link arms with my sister who is working towards the same goals as me!   We work together from our own homes, we train and learn together, we believe in our goals and dreams together, we change lives together!

Through this opportunity we have learned how to improve/maintain our own health and the health of others.

Dena Schrock

Dena and her Sister

~My Passion~

God has been so good to me & my family these years and He has opened doors for me to give women a platform to share their own story through Voices Of Hope Conferences, Growing up without having a voice has given me a desire to hear others stories and victories of overcoming.

It is now my passion to help others make a difference in their own lives and the world around them. Whether it be that you want your story heard or work with me personally from home with your laptop, your cell phone, part time, full time or in your spare time. I’d love to hear from you!

Are You Looking For Change?

I am here to tell you that there’s so much hope for you, I’ve been in a place of feeling hopeless, not knowing where my head will have a bed to sleep,  where the next meal will come from, where I’ll give birth to my second child, what my purpose is for life or whether things will ever change.

Don’t give up now!! My Lord did not bring you this far in life to let you sit in despair.  We are overcomers!! We are made to THRIVE and not just Survive!

Are you teachable, coachable, the give-it-all-you-got type of person and not live with excuses that keep you from your dreams? If you answered yes to all of these then I have an incredible opportunity to offer you. Feel free to reach out to me and lets link arms with each other and work towards your dreams!!  I look forward to hearing from you!!